RED, tele zoom, wide and batteries.  

Meru- 600L, 1DX, 5D, 100-400L Super Tele set up

600L, 1DX, 5D, 100-400, Various len Super Tele set up

Meru - Panasonic FS700 set up  

Meru DV ICU - DV set up with FS-700 and Canon Kit

Meru and DV - RED Side view

Satori-Monster 600L super tele rear view

Satori/ Monster - 800L mounted to 1DX, 100-400L beside, 5D, wide etc


Satori Monster Panasonic FS 700 and Canon

Phantom, 5D, 70-200, 35mm, and  accessories

Top view with Pantom, 5D and others  

Satori and Monster