June 20th 2013
Trail running: Karamatsu Dake 2698m, Hakuba Japan

This might be my new favorite.

Start at the base of Happo, I advise the Sakka road up(located at the end of Wadano). Run up the mtn road - its obvious (and paved for a while). Once you hit the top of Happo take the trail to Karamatsu. It is a good run with lots of views. 13.8km from base to summit. It may be more- my gps showed a lot straight lines so not sure its accurate. About 3:10 to summit. Stopped for hot ramen at the hut on the way down and then 2:10 to the base. It's a seriously spectacular trail when theres no one around and the weather is right. I advise a post noon start to get the sweet light coming home. It's cold above 2200 meters bring gloves.

Karamatsu Dake Trailrunning from RAW MATERIAL on Vimeo.