March 21, 2011

Many memories of kindness, waves and surfed out turtles.

I stayed in Miyaga for about week, it was during a month long road trip. It was by far the highlite of the trip. We camped either on the beach or in the van beside the beach and cooked thin sliced beef over hot rocks in the sand... except for one night, my birthday, where we ate at an out of place house converted into a restaurant.

It was out of place because it had a 'down south' style. White siding with royal blue trim. The owner served us a warm dinner and listen to our story, when we left he sent us packing with a fresh cheese cake. He packed it up for the road as he knew we were staying in a Kei.

The turtle washed up from the typhoon, it was very early and again my birthday, I was on my way to the water and saw the gooey mess belly side up rocking with the tide. When I finally realized it was a turtle I ran back for my Hassleblad.