October 1, 2013

Japan's big mountains are spectacular. A 16 hour journey touring the Hotaka's from North to South.

Picturesque accomodations. KitaHo 3106m.

3106m, long day: 2 beers to many.  

You can touch the hut from where I  took this picture.

If you hike from the point in the  back to here- you look like this.

Location, location, location. Yari in back.

The day is ending.  

One of tomorrow's destinations:  Maehotaka-dake 3090m.

Bar-life above 3000m.  

The KitaHo hut. One of the best.  

Yari on a moody and clouded  over evening.


The view of Yari is one of the best I have seen.

430am, sunrise, mtn girls... Good living!

Love this place.  

Slow and clouded sunrise.  

Developing our first female  specific camera bag. Extra moody.

At about 6am things get steeper. Ascent of Karasawa-dake 3110m.

The Japanse hiking trail.  

Fun hiking on 涸沢岳 Karasawa-dake.  

A view of 前穂高岳 Maehotaka-dake 3090m from 奥穂高岳 Okuhotaka-dake 3190m.

Misty Maehotaka in back.  

Fall is here.