June 04, 2011

It has been the rainy season every since returning from my last work trip. The local weather was supposed to break for the weekend... and just a few days before heading away again. My favorite time in the mountains is when I know the weather is about to transition from blah to glorious. My favorite place is Kaerazu in the Kita Alps. With the gondola a 20 minute walk away I packed my gear and headed on a 4 hour stroll.

The weather was surreal and I was so glad I went. During the night it was a bit rowdy. I forgot that the forecast isn't always reliable at 2600m. I woke at 4am in a wind storm- cold and anxious. The sun was about to crack the horizon so I got out of my bivy and headed up a small peak. It was so dreamy out.


1/3 of the way was snow.


Karamatsu Dake.

Summit of Karamatsu.

Always bring an imaginary friend to take pictures of you.




My camp.

F-Stop Loka and Unreleased Navin


The views of Tsurugi were wicked.







I think this is my favorite.





Empowering views.


Ohayoo gozaimasu.


Glorious morning.

Bed head.


Navin in action.

Walking home, Karamatsu hut.