April 6, 2011

New lines and easy breezy backcountry times were the theme here. Andrew went for his first 'alpine' hike of the season and ended up shredding the Kaerazu C. I found some fortune in a line I had seen many moons ago but never expected to happened. But some times the right angle can trick you into believing something is ready and going to be awesome.

The line went from Ross's Gold and swung in to the C. If you look at the first pic below you can see how it works. A problem was that the riders view from above exposed a near vertical run to G out from flutes that were too tight for any form of dumping speed. If the snow was mid winter eps, this may not have mattered.

Regardless it was good to connect these two runs finally.

On another note, milking the mountaineers boot pack is a finer way to travel. Ditch the split and skins for lightweight crampons- from the Virgin chair it was 3:10 to Karamatsu summit. This is with a sluggish me and Andy on his first 'alpine' hike of the year. Pretty solid effort from a couple of slackers. Not to mention having your regular board on your feet with over a kilometer of descending ahead... has its advantages.


AK - Andrew Kelly


Very cool zone for dreamers.

No split. Simple things make me happy.

The down climb was kinda sketch , had to take a few runs at it.

First time my Endeavor has made it out here - Joy

These schlumps of snow are very big and cool.


The small fellow in the sun is me.

These last two pics were certainly the best turns of the run.



Andrew on his way out...

... And down.

Dreamy view of Kaerazu proper.