Technically I have skied here twice but both missions were flops. There is not an easy way to ski this MTN from what I have seen. And now after doing a summer summit, I understand more than ever why. The terrain is huge and access is both physically and mentally stressful. It's over shadowed neighbor Jigatake's - once again showcases it may be one of the best back country locations around. Being right beside Kashimayari may make it the best one - two combo I have seen in these parts. Kashimayari- is mind blowingly big. Steeeeep long scary lines. And all the drop in's match what is below them. A great place.

This is Kashimayari. Halfway betwee camp and the summit.

Looking back at Tateyama and  Tsurugi.

Chemical skies.  

Looking back from the summit.  Camps an hour away.

Yari (Dake) lingers in the back brow.

Between North and South peaks.  

Packed camped site and nobody up  top. One of the better sunsets.




Crazy mushroom cloud. Atomic.   

Atomic cloud in the dark.