February 15th, 2011

This is Kaerazu B, the 'skinny shoot' on the Kaerazu wall of goodness. The first time I wandered back there I thought I was going to ride it. 3 years later I finally got in. Snow is kind of a crap shoot right now. The left side was the funky crunk but the right was dreamy. I stayed right.

Getting in is a bit of a metal and had me wishing I had friends. In the end it was much more mental than it needed to be. I thought it was going to be super Gnarrow but it opened up and was quite wide.

Lots of very cool piles of snow up there. Reason enough to head up there. Also met Jeremy Jones and Forest Shearer on the way up. Good day.


Product Plug - Micro ICU

Look at that.

1st chair means breaking trail. Lazy chair means... ez tour.

Goryu looked like a topo map.


I am headed to the right side of the two.


Never seen the sea like this from  the summit of Karamatsu.

The enterance...  


Nice piles of snow up here.  




I had to stop to put my shovel away But didn't.

Captain Kearazu  

Some recent movement on the big guy.