February 10,11,12 2013

Nozowa Onsen:
The first person we spoke to in town as we searched out our new friend Dave was a 'mate' who quickly said "tell your friend the bar he is waiting at sucks, this place is the shit" (referring to the bar he was leaning against and generally staining). "This bar has real Japanese things!" - he said with grace only gifted from an Australian on a working holiday.

Our friend owned that 'sucky' bar he was at and while we wrestled with the idea of a bar with 'real Japanese things' we opted to continue our search for the Craft Room apres bar. As it would be both our accommodations and the craft room were a snowball toss from the Gondola.

We would eventually slay pow in the greatest pow town I have yet to see in Japan.

Go if you can. Have some IPA beers at the Craft Room. Dave, Gardiner and the staff at Nozowa Onsen are top notch.


The Toyota is a courier like UPS. But way better.


This is a small section of Dave's  house.

The snowcats woke me up.  

Marc met us for some laps.  

Shortly after Marc clipped a tree. We hit 4 trees this trip.

This is Nozowa, charming. Rider: Andrew Kelly

Andrew in some other trees.  

Masato getting faced.  

Seriously explosive storm.  Rider: Masato Morikowa

It's me. By: Andrew Kelley  

Marc's booboo. I also ass checked a concrete fence and steel I beam.

Famous onsen. And apperantly tranny freindly.


I like umbrellas. Under appreciated charm.

Where do you boil your eggs? They do it here in Nozowa.




Burried car, quaint house.  

If you see this, turn right and take a quiet peak inside. >

You will see this. >  

Then respectively ride down. Air dance, pray and be gone.