January has been a good month to be me. A lot of really good storm cycles have rolled through town and some good people also made it extra special. To add to that work has been great. I have spent most of time north of Hakuba in Otari where it simply snows more.

If there was a year to play in Otari- this is it.

January 27th was a gift from heaven. Perhaps one for the record books.

Most pics are from Pat Fux or me - Pat is a mid 40's ski bum. Swiss Engineer for 9 months a year and hunter of the deep for the other 3. He certainly has it figured out.

Visit his skijo website. www.powdermania.com

Jeff Thomas and Mattais Fredrikson stopped by for work.

Katja Laukkanen  

Pic of me by Mattais Fredrikson Hakuba

Pic of me by Mattais Fredrikson Otari

Pic of me by Patrick Fux  

Pic of me by Patrick Fux  

Nao with his first 'bro-session' Tatsuya, Abma, Douglas, Townsend



Golden Shred Marmalade Drunking with Scott Moses

Pic of me by Mark Virgin  

Pic of me by Patrick Fux  

Katja- 110cm of woah. Photo by Patrick Fux

Queen of the plow. Katja. Photo by Patrick Fux

Otari life.  

Otari Life  

Otari life.  

110cm of the white woah. Photo by Patrick Fux

Another day ball deep. Me by Pat Fux

Not sure who this is- Kirtsy? Photo by Fux

Patrick by Pat Fux.  

Photo by Pat Fux.

New Tilopa BC