Shakushi sits between Shirouma and Yari and is the under dog of the Hakuba 3 peaks. It goes unnoticed and does not get the clout it deserves. But that is OK as I am sure she feels unaffected by the lack of attention. It stands 2812m tall and is neither the highest or pointyest peak in town but any keen eye can easily recognize it's where the shred lies. The technical difficulty may be greater than its neighbors but that is not why I lust her, she simply is just my style and that is why I will try again if she lets me.

This is about 2 hours in and near the foot of the Diesekke.


At about this point Andrew lost it on a kick turn and slid 100 feet.

Some of his burn from the slip.  

Stefan, on the hard toe point climb  

First point you can actually relax. ...7 hours in.

Nick Kowal on top of Shakushi Dake.  

Ice, cracked cornice and high wind  kept us from getting in. :(


Our run was between Yari and Shakushi. There was pow.

The snow got really fun lower down.  

At this point everyone is relaxed  and enjoying life.





That's what it looks like from the valley.