April 14th, 2011

Shirouma-Dake (2932m) is Hakuba's signature peak. Its white man name is Mount Hakuba also referred to as the White Horse. While I have yet to see any horse in the faces of the mountain, today i learned that you need the legs of a horse to hit it- and by hit I mean shred.

Andrew and I set out at about 9:20am and walked on to the summit at 3:30. For me it was painful. Weather it is related or not I bought a huge bag of cheese a few days ago driving home from Matsumoto. I leave to China in a few days and need to finish the bag before I go. Cheese week is taking its toll I think.

I'm not sure if we would have shaved much time had I been feeling Genki, but that was a relentless route with pitch after pitch of slow moving slog.

The goal and one of my winter dream runs this year was the Dream Genie seen in the pics below, this was my second attempt. We missed the sun and the run froze over. There is some things on the run that make it a pass in such conditions.

We moved over to the less shady side (which was shady) and rode bullet proof rain layer with breaks of avy chunder for about 2000m. Its hard to complain about a day out but that was a rough one.

Shirouma-Dake (2932m)

Andrew Kelly

After a lot of wimpering I am nearing the summit.

This is the dream genie. Follow.


Mid winter snow needed.


Andrews watch says it was a long  grunt. 6:10

Hanging on the summit (2932m)



So far from the summit (in back) was the best dam line of the day.