September 18th

A window at Tsrugi Gozen. Mtn hut.

The gradient layer surrounds the  globe - it's pollution.

This man completed Japan's famous 100 mtns with his wife. Brave.



Japanese hiking. Old men and old ladies scrambling to the summit.


Here at around 1pm but was on  the summit in back at 8am.

Tateyama is one of Japans 3 holy mtns. 3000m Yoga classes at sunset.



I traded stories with this man all  night. We hike/ski the same places.

Tateyama summit hut. Spirit runs deep here. 3015m.


Less time in the mtns these days... His money goes to Tohoku instead.


Summit marker and summit rock.  

Guuchi-san. Spiritual guru and  keeper of the hut. Solid human.

Yakiniku at 3000m. Life handed me  its best this night.

Oyama and then wander home.