March 5th, 2011

"A couloir (from the French word meaning "passage" or "corridor,") is a narrow gully with a steep gradient in a mountainous terrain. A couloir may be a seam, scar, or fissure, or vertical crevasse in an otherwise solid mountain mass. Though often hemmed-in by sheer cliff walls, couloirs may also be less well-defined..."- says the wiki.

The Y Couloir off Korenge Dake(小蓮華山) in Hakuba falls into the last bit. From the valley she looks purty with tall hallways and shaped like a 'Y' but when your on top and inside you soon see that this place is actually an X and quite wide. To be fair it is a striking view from above.

So much so that we were happy to settle for the Y(2769m) when we realized nature was going to win the days battle. We had hoped for Shirouma(2932m) but the wind showed us who is boss. Shirouma looked so glorious. We threw in the frozen towel after 4 hours with an hour or so left, a touch heart breaking but the Y was a decent compromise.

Both Matt and I received lovely welts of frostbite on the same side... where the wind was blowing. Lee was smart and brought a face mask.

Shirouma AKA 'the white horse' AKA 白馬岳 looking for some company.

The Y so obviously an X.   

Me doing a slash, pic by Matt.

Lee skiing pic by Matt.

More terrain that will never get hit.


Lee 'hot dog in a hallway' Lyon.