December 2010

I missed the mega dump by leaving the day before it really came down, but the 3 days of snow before were all plenty good for having just spent 4 months serving a Chinese relocation sentence. I actually went to Whis twice, the second stint seems to have been forgotten but I strongly remember being stood up by little miss Chibico on a heavy pow day. Being respectful - as she is Japanese I waited with fading patience. After far too long I pulled the plug. To be honest I had other things on my mind and that was the Signing Pass.

I'm not sure if it was my last run there but the memory of it rides like it was. A stock early season DEEP Singing Pass with sketchy exit. A 2 hour lineup at the post office followed and I finally got my Japanese Visa.




This was my first day of the season Soucy stoked for powder.